Markets in Vienna: Naschmarkt and Brunnenmarkt



Vienna is known for its historic sights, its hip quarters and its culinary specialties. And if you come to Vienna as a tourist, most people will talk of one market only: the Naschmarkt in Vienna. However, there is another market, which is popular for its culinary specialties from Austria, the Balkan countries and Turkey: the Viennese Brunnenmarkt. Guests in our apartment hotels in Vienna should choose their market of choice: Which market do you want to choose for a relaxed lunch, a spontaneous coffee or doing the groceries for your dinner in your serviced apartment in Vienna? We introduce the two biggest markets in Vienna, the Naschmarkt and the Brunnenmarkt, to you!

Culinary Art on the markets in Vienna in a central location

There is one thing that the Brunnenmarkt and the Naschmarkt in Vienna have in common. Here you’ll find exotic specialties and local delicacies. Both markets show their own flair. The Naschmarkt is more centrally located (close to Karlsplatz) and is within walking distance from our Living Hotel An der Oper. The Brunnenmarkt can be easily reached with public transport. Just commute to U6 Josefstädter Straße. The Brunnenmarkt and the adjacent Yppenplatz with its restaurant are only a 200 meters walk from the metro station.

The Naschmarkt: a touristic hotspot

The Naschmarkt is especially popular to tourists. Its location, right next to the Secession, makes it a very attractive touristic spot. From Spanish chorizo, Turkish Baklava to Austrian Leberkäse you will find everything on the Naschmarkt. Furthermore, there are also some nice restaurants. On a sunny day, take a seat on the terrace of the Restaurant Neni or the restaurant Deli. Due to the international flair of the Naschmarkt, the market is popular to both tourists and long-stay guests in our apartment hotels in Vienna.

The Brunnenmarkt: Multicultural flair in a hip quarter

The Brunnenmarkt is located in the 16th district, a quarter full of creative artists. This creativity is also reflected in the atmosphere of the Brunnenmarkt in Vienna. Turkish specialties, exotic spices as well as delicacies from the Balkan countries are very popular next to various local specialties. The adjacent Yppenplatz also offers a great atmosphere. Lots of restaurants are located here. That’s why we highly recommend to try the Turkish specialties in the Restaurant Kent or the creative local and international cuisine in the restaurant Rasouli. The Brunnenmarkt is very popular to the residents of Vienna and can therefore also be very interesting for business travelers, who stay in our apartment hotels in Vienna for a longer period of time, as you will easily get in touch with locals there.

Two apartment hotels in Vienna

There are two Living Hotels in Vienna. The Living Hotel An der Oper is located very centrally in the first district of Vienna. From this apartment hotel you can easily reach the Naschmarkt on foot and the Brunnenmarkt via public transport. The Living Hotel Kaiser Franz Joseph is located in the heart of the 19th district, a quarter full of embassies. Both apartment hotels in Vienna are known for its high comfort and its great location.

Enjoy your stay in Vienna!