Longstay Guests: Activities in Munich



Munich is a very international city, which hosts lots of professionals from all over the world and business travelers, as lots of multinational firms conduct business in and around Munich. This time we have a special selection of activities for longstay guests in our apartment hotels in Munich. Once our longstay guests have the opportunity to take a break from their busy work-life, many of them question themselves what to do in a city they barely know. In Munich there are several activities, which will make your day great. As the weather is getting warmer, we want to present them to you.

A relaxed day in the English Garden

The English Garden is a green oasis, not far from Munich’s city center. Long-term guests as well as business guests will love the atmosphere there. The English Garden is a famous spot for doing sports. Jogging, Inline Skating or Cycling: our guests in our apartment hotels in Munich can lose a lot of steam in the English Garden, even after a busy day at work. Whoever feels like soaking up the sun, can just take a break on the beautiful lawns right next to the lakes and rivers in the English Garden. We recommend enjoying a Bavarian beer in one of the numerous beergardens. The huge beergarden next to the Chinese Tower always has seats available and offers a great atmosphere right next to the water. Whoever feels like enjoying some summer vibes, can watch the surfers at the famous Eisbach.

Check out the Lakes

Lake Ammer, Lake Starnberg, Chiemsee and Tegernsee – there are lots of lakes in Munich’s surroundings, which are perfect to soak up the sun or take a swim on a sunny day. The Chiemsee is the biggest lake in Bavaria and even has two islands. Lake Ammer is only 40 kilometres away from Munich and is very well known for boat rides. Only 25 km outside of Munich you can visit the Lake Starnberg. Many spots right on the shore are easily accessible with public transport. The Tegernsee is known for its great water quality and for its great panoramic views.

Hiking in the Mountains

Munich is not far away from the alps. Therefore, a day in the mountains can be a great opportunity to get to know the Bavarian countryside. The Tölzer Land offers great hiking trails, which are also suitable for less experienced hikers. In Brauneck or on the Seekarkreuz you will find great lodges, which serve authentic bavarian food. Also the mountains around the Tegernsee are very famous for hiking and offer a great view on the lake, which is located in the valley. If you feel like spending several days in the mountains, then you should definitely check out the trails in Garmisch Partenkirchen.

We wish a great stay in and around Munich to all our guests in our apartment hotels in Munich.