Living Healthier



Even though we have revealed how you will bring your career to the next level in 2018, we certainly do not want that your health falls by the wayside thereby. As chronic stress is definitely not beneficial to our wellbeing, we would like to provide you with a few tips today which will help you to live healthier:


Although you probably suffer from a lack of time, movement is nonetheless the essential thing when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. Already a half-hour, brisk walk three times a week makes a difference. Also jogging, cycling, swimming and working out on the crosstrainer are recommendable sports for the beginning. However, mere endurance training is not sufficient, unfortunately. Twenty minute weight training twice a week is additionally necessary in order to not lose muscle mass. And those muscles do not only strengthen your body, but also stimulate your basal metabolism wherefore you will burn more calories even in a resting state. The optimum solution would be a personal trainer, of course, even though it is a bit costly. That way, however, you will get a training schedule which is exactly geared to you and your goals and which can even consider your lack of time, under certain circumstances. Aside from that, a personal trainer without doubt provides you with the direly needed motivation and also commands a specialized knowhow, wherefore all of the exercices can, if applicable, be designed for your injuries or limitations. If the workout after finishing time should be too much for you, you could at least try to take the stairs instead of the elevator, use your lunch break for a walk and come to work by bike or already exit the train one station earlier.


If you would additionally like to lose some weight, you should resign on alcohol and on snacks between the meals and try to reduce one of your repasts (the dinner in the optimum case) on 250 calories. Dietary supplements are not recommendable in general, by the way, as they mostly are overdosed to an unhealthy degree and the necessary nutrients can be sufficiently ingested also via a balanced diet anyway. Solely vitamin D should, especially in winter, be consumed via additional preparations as it strengthens the bones, protects against cancer and only appears poorly in groceries. In addition to that, you should by all means regularly make use of the free screenings in order to let your health condition be checked by competent physicians.

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