Kochhaus - the walk-in recipe book



On long-term stays in foreign citites you eventually don’t want to go out and have dinner every single evening. But running to the supermarket after work to stand in line forever with all the other “I’ll just grab some food very quickly after work” people doesn’t sound like fun either? For sure, there are the usual food delivery services like Foodora or Deliveroo, but sometimes you just want to cook something for yourself without stressing over food shopping and the fact that you always buy too much food, which you don’t need and goes to waste afterwards.

The solution?

The “Kochhaus”. Just pick one of the 18 weekly changing recipes, order  the exact portioned ingredients for your needs online and just sit back and wait till it is delivered – simple, quick and just as much as you eat. With the step-by-step instructions with pictures you can easily cook even the complicated recipes and it will taste delicious.

Alreayd since 2010 the “Kochhaus”-concept is on the run and it’s booming unparalleled. To sort the single ingredients by recipe, not by product group as usual and to portion all ingredients exactly (for 2,4 or 6 people) is the secret “recipe” of the successful “Kochhaus” which is supermarket, cooking school and delivery service at the same time. With the so called “Same-Day-delivery” spontaneous chefs can even order their ingredients online till 4 p.m. in the afternoon and get it supplied the same evening. By now you can find the “Kochhaus” not only in Berlin, but also in Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne and Hamburg. And the people love it. And we love it, too, by the way 🙂

More information about the “Kochhaus”, the delivery and the different cooking classes you can find here.