How you will bring your career to the next level in 2018



At the beginning of the year, we have already provided you with a few suggestions for good resolutions concerning your working life and have also presented some tips how you can actually realise them. If you have planned on bringing your career to the next level in 2018, we will reveal what you should consider in the following:

Why do you want to build your career?

If you are already observing the job market, this is definitely indicating that you are not entirely content with your current job. Maybe you feel like you do not have attained the end you have in view yet or you just cannot imagine to stay in the same company until your retirement. If the wish for making a career has aroused rather indeterminately in the back of your mind so far, you should by all means give thought to why you actually want to move up the ladder before you can proceed with the next step. Would you like to earn more money or gain greater influence? Are you longing for alternation and therefore looking for a new challenge? Do you want to carry more responsibility or would you like to make a change with your position? There are many reasons for building a career and only if you are aware of your personal motivation, you can look out for a proper job offer.

Are you suitable for a ranking position?

The next step is to figure out whether you actually meet the required profile of the desired post. Perhaps your prospects look more auspicious when you absolve one or another further training or improve your language skills before applying. In addition to that you must make sure where your strengths lie as not every personality is necessarily appropriate for a higher position or even as an executive. It does not only depend on the technical knowhow and social skills after all, but also on assertiveness, organisational and motivational talent. Aside from that, not even the most promising potential will be of use if nobody outside your company knows about it. Take care that you extend your publicity among the decision makers in your profession by applying as a speaker on branch events, for instance.