How you will bring your career to the next level in 2018 (2)



In our last blog article we have already presented you the first important steps that are necessary to bring your career to the next level in 2018. Today we would like to provide you with further helpful tips, so that you will be able to realise your vocational New Year’s resolutions:

Amount of time

In case that you should have decided to climb the career ladder or even aim for an executive position, you should absolutely talk to your family or partner about it in the next step. Brace yourself for your new post will take up a lot of time, a 60-hours week is not uncommon among the management floor. Many tasks cannot be delegated but require your personal attention. Also at the evenings or weekends, presentations and social events will often demand your attendance. Hence, you can say goodbye to an even-keeled work-life-balance now, wherefore you should really enjoy your job. And especially in a demanding position you will depend on the backing of your partner, so you should definitely ensure their support beforehand.


How to deal with setbacks

If you really want to push your career, you must stand your ground. This is easily said, of course, but you could for instance try to consciously change your attitude towards setbacks. You should see problems as challenges that you can grow with. Everybody makes a mistake now and then and a promising career requires time and hard work. So do not get discouraged, but learn from your mistakes instead and use them for your personal development. Do, by no means, let your fears keep you from taking risks and from trying out something new, because “only who dares, wins”! And even though your career is a serious matter to you, of course, you should nonetheless try not to pursue your goals too grimly, but always maintain your humour. Only if you exude a natural poise, others will perceive you as likeable and competent.