How you stop discommoding other travellers in the airplane


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People who think that they are alone in the world can be found always and everywhere. But these guy are particularly straining if you are locked up with them in the tightest of spaces for several hours, for example in a plane. Hence, it cannot harm to be considerate of one’s fellow passengers. What you should avoid when flying in order to not discommode others, we will reveal in the following:

Thoughtfulness already starts with embarking. What should actually be self-evident, is nonetheless often disregarded: Pregnant women, old persons and people with little children or a disability have the precedence. For all the remaining voyagers applies: enqueuing and waiting until it is your turn. It is further recommended to go to see the rest rooms already at the airport, so that the fellow travellers do not have to stand up unnecessarily to let you pass. When looking for your place to sit, you should pay attention to the number on your flight ticket and really occupy the respective seat. If you have to get up, by no means pull up on the backrest of the front passenger. Also the tray table should be folded in carefully. If you want to adjust your own backrest backwards in order to sit more comfortably, you should not just dump behind without forewarning while the other traveller perhaps still holds his beverage in the hand. It cannot harm to look around and give a short notice.


Moreover, you should not bother the flight crew for every bagatelle and solicit their complete attention. If you want to take something to eat on board, it is advisable to chose something reasonably odourless for not polluting the whole airplane with the intensive smell of curry or kebab. Aside from that, you should really switch off your technical devices if recommended. Imagine, your seatmate suffers from aviophobia. He will probably picture all the possible horror scenarios even without your disturbing signals. Furthermore, you should relinquish excessively drinking alcohol on board as there is presumably nothing more strenuous than a drunken seat mate. Last but not least, everyone should disembark successively, shoving is out of place here. The front passengers take priority. Preferably, you should stay seated until they are out of the way and only then get down your hand luggage.