How you can utilize your next Business Trip for Networking


Business Trip

Contacts are essential in occupational life nowadays. Of course, also hard work is rewarded, but by help from the outside, often new possibilities are opened up to you. Be it the assignment that your company would not have received without your connections or the tempting job offer that would not have come to your knowledge without your contact. Regularly, the best chances are only presented to you because you know someone who knows someone and so on… And where could networking go better than on a business trip? The relaxed and natural atmosphere makes it easy to socialize. We will reveal what must be considered thereby:

The right Occasion

Exhibitions or lectures within your branch are holding promise for instance, as you can be sure that you will meet like-minded people there who are fascinated by similar topics and who are working in the same professional field as you. Yet, also becoming acquainted with associates of the own company from other subsidiaries, for example on business lunches or conferences, can be helpful for attaining important information. A relaxed setting is most likely provided at soirees or sportive activities, of course, wherefore you should absolutely use this occasions for networking.

What matters

Behaving authentic and naturel is always of advantage when it comes to meeting other persons. Besides, you should not go like a bull at a gate since this appears intrusive. Your best bet would be to enquire about the condition of your counterpart and ask how the journey proceeded and whether the accommodation pleases. You can score Brownie points by having a funny anecdote about your own voyage ready and if you come across common interests during the conversation that inspirit your dialogue in the best case. It is essential to stick in your contact’s memory if you want to draw on his help later. On that account, it would be perfect, if you had a useful tip, a precious information or an innovative idea on hand that impresses your counterpart.

What is next

If you made a positive impression once, you should definitely exchange contact details with your interlocutor. For this purpose, a convincing and high-quality business card which contains all the relevant information would be suitable. Afterwards, it mainly comes to staying in touch. The enquiry whether your hint was useful indicates real interest in the concerns of your new acquaintance, for instance. In case that you discovered a common hobby during your conversation, it would be ideal to pursue it together. But also a simple invitation for dinner suffices to bring yourself to mind again.


We hope that you can benefit from our tips on your next business trip and we wish you success with networking!