How to Sleep on the Plane


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Often, business travellers have a tight schedule and┬áneed to rush to the important business meeting┬áright after arriving at their destination. Especially after long-distance flights, you often do not feel recovered. We will reveal how you can manage the apparently impossible: sleeping on the plane – so that you can start freshly in your business trip right after landing.

Booking the seat

Consider which sleeping type you are before booking your flight. While belly sleepers have rather bad chances on the plane, side sleepers can take their usual sleeping side into account when it comes to choosing the right seat. By the way, window seats are more comfortable in general and hold the advantage that you do not have to get up to let your seatmate going to the restrooms. Seat Guru provides you with professional support with the selection of the perfect seat.

Comfort is everything

Moreover, you should travel well prepared in order to achieve the optimum comfort. Wear convenient and warm clothes and change into your business outfit at the airport of your travel destination, then it will not be wrinkled. Aside from that, you should take a neck pillow with you that you can turn around if need be so that you can use it as a chin support so that your head does not tip over while sleeping. Besides, scents can aid you getting in the right mood for sleeping, wherefore it can be helpful to dribble a bit of lavender oil on your pillow. Also a sleeping mask and earplugs are essential for fading out possible sources of friction. Your hand luggage can also serve as a footrest.

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Keep your sleeping rituals

In the best case you should take care that your flight starts at a time when you normally sleep. If this is not possible, you should nonetheless keep your usual going-to-bed rituals in order to adjust mind and body to sleeping. Brush your teeth and maybe also read a few pages before you try to get as comfortable as possible. Moreover, you should stretch a little to prevent cramps. If you blanket yourself, you should take care of fastening the seat belt above your blanket so that the flight crew does not have to wake you up.

Living Hotels Blog Schlafen im Flugzeug
Living Hotels Blog Schlafen im Flugzeug

We hope that these tips will help you on your next business trip and we wish you a refreshing flight blessed with sleep!