How to realise your New Year’s Resolutions



Last week, we have already provided you with a few inspirations for good resolutions in your working life. But now, New Year has already begun again and you have no idea how you can put into practice what you have intended to do? We will reveal some tips which will help you to realise your New Year’s resolutions:

Becoming as specific as possible

First of all, your resolutions should be well reflected. Think long and hard about what your strengths and weaknesses are and what is really worth spending time, energy and effort for, according to your opinion. Moreover, you should on no account take on too much, otherwise you will quickly be demotivated if it does not work at the first attempt. Become aware of all the possible obstacles and consider solution approaches already beforehand. This will prevent you from falling at the first hurdle that you did not reckon with. Aside from that, it can help to determine specific goals and to even write them down. Keep your mind on a positive phrasing instead of telling yourself what you do not want to do anymore. Develop your resolutions with the aid of the SMART-principle. This means that your aims should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. Also think about a gratification which you will treat yourself with as soon as you have reached your goal, so that you do not lose the fun of it.

The right strategy is everything

If you additionally work out a specific plan with milestones that you intend to achieve until a certain point of time and regularly check your progress, the success rate of your project will increase massively. Do not hesitate to tell your family, friends and colleagues about your aims. This will raise the pressure from outside to effectively realize them. If possible, you should also get others on board who pursue the same goals as you, because it is much easier to tackle a problem together. As ridiculous as it may sound, but hanging up motivating quotes and pictures at places that you constantly have in your field of vision, will additionally help to keep sight of your aims. Last but not least, you should be confident and trust in your strength of will. If you really want it, you will succeed!

We wish you a lot of fun and success with realising all your good resolutions!