How to insure your Employees on Business Trips properly


Business Trip

As employer you have to perform your duty of care of your staff which includes the protection from jeopardies related to the exercise of occupation. This also applies to business trips, of course, which certainly entail higher risks than common professional activities. In case of an accident with following surgery and return transport into the home country, costs in five-place regions can emerge which can be fatal, especially for small enterprises. Considering this, the right insurance is the essential thing when it comes to the protection of your employees. We reveal what must be considered thereby:

Services of the employer’s liability insurance association

Many companies make the mistake to rely completely on the services of the employer’s liability insurance association when it comes to insuring their workers. These, however, only apply in cases that directly cohere with professional conduct. Should one of your employees come to grief during his lunch break, for instance, you cannot expect the employer’s liability insurance association to bear the resulting costs. Hence, you can only perform your duty of care adequately by completing an additional overseas and emergency insurance.

Emergency hotline for medical care

It is also your responsibility to take care of a quick and adequate medical treatment of your staff. As the fewest will have disposed a plan in case of a medical emergency beforehand, it is recommended to implement a respective hotline for your employees. It should provide information about the location of competent doctors and hospitals nearby as well as instruction about the medical supply situation on site in advance.

Useful additional insurances

Additionally, it is recommended to be all set for further unexpected events of damages like costly changes in booking or financial penalties on site. Also the loss of luggage can come amiss, especially before an important business appointment. An appropriate business outfit is absolutely indispensable for a professional appearance, wherefore a replacement for the lost clothes has to be found on site. Aside from the health insurance, the assistance and the return transport which often are included in diverse allround packages, an accident and a baggage insurance should be booked thereto.  


Hopefully, you are prepared for all damage events now and can face the next business trip relaxed!