How to improve your Time Management



Everyone would like to have more free space, more time for friends, family or themselves. Unfortunately, our days only count 24 hours. But how is it that some people are just more successful in making the most out of their limited time? We will show you how you can also manage to eliminate time-consuming activities and to improve your time management in this blog article:

Planning instead of multitasking

Although we are trying it again and again, multitasking is not the solution to our problem of time. Burdening ourselves with too many tasks at a time, normally only leads to a reduction of our concentration and of the quality of our work, whereby we do not even necessarily achieve more in a quantitative regard. For that reason, it is essential that you acquire a healthy egoism. Even if you want to please your boss and your colleagues, of course, it does not get you anywhere if you sacrifice yourself for it. Therefore, you must learn to say no from time to time. Moreover, the tasks which your coworkers consider to be urgent do not imperatively also have to be the most important ones. Hence, you should set your priorities by yourself and concentrate on the essentials. Thereby it is helpful to create a schedule which must contain enough time buffers as most tasks actually take up more time than you would originally have expected.

Work-life-balance instead of stress

In addition to that, you should not let your life besides your job go short. Take care of your relationships and amities and take some time for yourself and your health. Only with an equilibrated work-life-balance, you will stay happy and thus also efficient in the long run. Of course, stress cannot be avoided completely. But the good news is, that everyone can learn to deal with it in a more relaxed manner. Negative stress only arises when the unpleasant feeling that we do not have a bearing of our own situation creeps up on us. However, if you are able to manage your time more efficiently from now on, you will soon get everything under control again and can breathe easily again.

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