How to finish more Projects without hiring additional Staff



Many times, money and employees are scarce in enterprises and there are too much tasks for too few staff. Especially young companies and startups often have difficulties to exhaust all their capacities and to finish all their projects. We will reveal a few tips how you can restructure your business in order to manage more assignments without hiring additional staff for it:

Reduce communication

Of course it does make sense to coordinate and synchronize projects but in fact, a huge part of the communication we spend therefore is actually not really necessary. The time that it takes to read unimportant mails, to chat, to make phone calls and to hold meetings, could therefore mostly be used more reasonable. Often, you bother with unimportant details, talk too long and are not productive in the end. It can be helpful to minimize the communication channels and for example handle everything via Basecamp, so that all the information is located in one place and every task is clearly assigned.


A flood of tasks and projects moreover often has the consequence that suddenly every employee is responsible for all sorts of areas. This, in turn, requires more agreements among one another so that not everything is settled twice or threefold. Normally, it is more efficient if you have experts who are specialized on a certain field and therefore know exactly what they have to do.

Small working steps

Aside from that it is motivating to split greater projects into small working steps so that one does not get the feeling that one is standing in front of a giant mountain of work which can scarcely be mastered. If you structure your goals and also prioritize them, you can finish your most important tasks everyday and are happy about having accomplished something. You should also desist from adding more and more things to the to do list all the time and rather finish already running projects instead.

Keep rest periods

And last but not least it is important to be aware of the fact that overtime hours until late in the evening and Sunday or holiday work might help to finish off more for a short time. In the long run however, excessive stress has a negative effect on your productive capacity and can even lead to burnout in the end.