How the internet changed our way of travelling



The Internet has changed the whole world and our way of travelling is very different to the way we travelled without internet. No one is using paper tickets or boarding passes. Thanks to smartphones and tablets we not only have all documents handy, but can also see information about our trip in real time.

We will show you how our way of travelling has changed and how it will develop in the future.

Changes of our Travel Behaviour

Booking: According to airlines the most important sales channel for booking flights in 2015 was the internet and via smartphone and sales over the internet will increase in the next years.

Check-In: More than half of the airlines offer their passengers to check in with their smartphone. In won’t take very long till there will be no paper tickets anymore and the check in process will be done only via smartphone.

Information: Since 2015 almost every airline has an app with which their passengers can get information about their flight in real time from the internet.

The internet has not only changed the way we travel on airports, but also hotels are affected by this development. Rooms are booked mainly through the internet and there is no chance to survive without internet during the holiday. Information about the city and region, the most beautiful routes and greatest sights are looked up in the internet.

The internet has also left its marks on us. Given that, it is possible at our Living Hotel at Viktualienmarkt in Munich to open the hotel room through a smartphone app.