Hotel doesn't always mean Hotel



It’s perfectly clear: Travelling is becoming easier, faster and more versatile. Due to the extended opportunities, the traveller’s expectations are changing as well. So the travel industry is reacting: there are Hotels which look like home, there are indivdually designed rooms, simple luxury and Hotels used as a meeting point for tourists as well as for locals.

Mainstream is over

There always have been those cute, little special Hotels with this particular local charm. You only found those in secret hidden corners of a city, managed by original characters over several generations. Every room looked different and you already had the feeling of exploring something really special  when you checked in with the old lady who was running the business over decades. But by now it isn’t a privilege for small Boutiquehotels anymore: big Hotel chains are putting great emphasis on individuality and creativity and try to be the “friend in the foreign city” for their guests. The individually designed rooms have special names and address different target groups. A dreamy room with a canopy bed for the young couple, a wellness-oasis with bathtube in the middle of the room for the elderly married couple. A pop-art, very stylish room for the artsy student or a locally inspired room for the widely travelled tourist from across the world. All in the same Hotel. The more original, the better. The more local, the more authetic.

Hotels as a comfort zone

In a time where most of the people are constantly on the move and travelling is part of the daily life, feeling at home is more important than ever before. Many Hotels are using exactly this desire for feeling at home: They provide living rooms instead of Lobbys and create an atmosphere of cosiness instead of smugness. The relaxed ambiance invites guests to feel at home at any time of the day, to put the feet up and don’t worry about anything.

Guests meet locals

A fancy Hotelbar with a popular barkeeper on a rooftop of a skyscraper? That’s not only appealing to Hotelguests but also to locals who are searching for something special. You can observe the trend “Hotelbar for everyone” more and more these days. Here the locals of the city come upon the curious tourists from all over the world. That’s the place where you can get insider tips in a chilled atmosphere and the place where locals feel like they were on a trip themselves. A classic win-win-situation 🙂

Living rooms instead of Lobbys, individually designed rooms, a Hotelbar for everyone – the Living Hotels are providing all of this and much more!