Good Resolutions for your Working Life (1)



Slowly but surely, the year comes to an end and many of you might already have worked out one or two good New Year’s resolutions. To finally stop smoking or to do more sports are just two of the most common examples. But in fact, there are also many things to tackle in your working life, so why not also making good resolutions for the job? We will give you a few inspirations in the following:

A tidy workplace

You normally have to rummage your desk or browse through your computer forever until you finally find the required information? Then, you should probably give thought to how you could save time at it next year. Consider a logic folder and device structure as well as uniform and reasonable denominations, so that you can easily find and store your files. Moreover, you should empty your mailbox every day and highlight important emails which still have to be processed.

Redesigning the office

If you perceive your office as sombre and depressing, it is possibly about time for a redesign. Together with your colleagues, you could try to form a working space which encourages productivity and creativity, where everyone feels comfortable and where you also like to welcome customers.

More time for yourself

You always complain about having too little time for yourself, your family and the hobbies that are important to you? Then, New Year is the perfect occasion for talking to your boss about it. Perhaps he is even more flexible than you assume and does not have a problem with offering you the possibility to work from at home or to reduce your hours per week. In addition to that, you should learn to say “No” to after hours, weekend work and tasks for which you actually do not have the time. This will reduce your stress level and help provide you a better work life balance.

Professional reorientation

If you are fundamentally dissatisfied with your job or you are just looking for a new challenge, then you could make the New Year’s resolution to finally reorientate professionally. Update your CV and send your letters of application, then the long-wished for job change will not be long in coming, for sure.

We hope that we could inspire you with our good resolutions and wish you a Happy New Year 2018!