Gadgets on a Business Trip



29Nowadays almost everyone has a smartphone and a tablet carrying around, but besides those classics, what are popular gadgets that mustn’t miss on a business trip? We have picked 4 of the most popular and useful gadgets for you.

1. The Montblanc Pen

It may sound trivial, but on rank number 1 is not a special technical toy, but the most classical travelling companion at all. In the basic equipment of every business traveller, the Montblanc pen mustn’t miss. Since 1952 the catridge pen is produced in the same quality and design and thereby it has become a real classic.

2. Mobile Keyboard

Smartphones and tablets are practical and can be used as mobile offices. But there is still one disadvantage: The touchpad is not really good for typing quickly. A mobile keyboard finds therefore remedy and transforms the tablet to a full office substitute. You can connect your device via Bluetooth and enjoy the comfort of a conventional keyboard. There are fold and rolled up keyboards that can be transported easily.

3. Smartwatch

Smartwatches are relatively new gadgets although they have already proven to be useful companions on many business trips. They widen the functionalities of your smartphone in a useful way, look good and stylish and are highly comfortable. A smartwatch is not only good at providing information, important news, using apps but also at managing meetings. In most cases you don’t need to get your smartphone out of the pocket and still have all the functionalities on your wrist. And of course you can also have a look what time it is.

4. Mobile Projector

With a mobile projector you always have a small projector for presentations available. The projectors are not bigger than a smartphone and have a HD quality in a short distance. You can hold professional presentations from a standing start and thereby have your projector always with you. Even a power cable is not necessary, since those gadgets are sold with integrated batteries. You can transfer the presentations on the integrated memory easily and by this hold it in your hand at any time.