Fitness for brain workers during business trips



Brain power is needed on business trips. It is not surprising that exercise, relaxation and a healthy diet are often ignored during these stressful times. Those who want to stay fit and healthy while travelling need to pay more attention on their bodies. Our tips and tricks may help you to incorporate activity in your everyday business life and keep your body in shape.

The right breakfast

A successful day starts with a good breakfast. Experts agree on the fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Smart people should care for a healthy and more balanced nutrition. After eating a wholemeal bread and some fruits with yoghurt, you will start your day full of energy.

Our tip: Don’t continue eating when you had enough, as a full stomach can make you tired!

A healthy snack for in between meals

An energy-dense snack should be full of vitamins as they are very important to fill up the batteries. Fruits as e.g. apples and bananas are perfect as they are not only healthy but also very convenient; they are ready and easy to eat.

Fit auf Geschäftsreise_Obst_gesunde Ernährung2

Exercise keeps you fit

Especially keen thinkers need an everyday dose of sports and exercises to stay fit and refresh body and mind. Business travelers are lucky when staying at Derag Living Hotels as they can use the professionally equipped fitness studios there – free of cost and 24-hours a day. If you do not like to use the hotel’s fitness studio you can do your daily workout in the hotel room as well. Many apps as e.g. Freeletics will help you to stay in shape.  If you prefer an outdoor workout, take your sneakers and use the street as your treadmill.

If you’re busy and there is no time for an extensive workout, try to incorporate more exercise into everyday life. You could e.g. use the stairs and not the elevator or take a walk instead of the public transport.

Relaxation is a must

If you’re mentally exhausted it’s high time to relax. Only when there is time for recreation you can climb high mountains, reach your goals and do excellent work. With fresh air, exercises that keep your body in shape and enough time to recover during the night every business trip can easily be a successful one. And do not hesitate to use the wide range of spa & wellness facilities that are offered by Derag Living Hotels.