Finding Mrs. or Mr. Right



Apps are known for making our life easier. We use apps to check the departing time of the next train and also to book the ticket. We order dinner through apps, check our account balance, share pictures with our friends, listen to music and watch movies. Even really personal things are handled with Apps. A huge variety of apps make it possible to communicate easy and entertaining and to meet new people on a dating level, like on Tinder. But what about meeting people on a business level? Is there a user-friendly and uncomplicated app to find the right business person?

Are you looking for someone?

Anna is a recruiter in a huge company in Munich. She likes what she does and she does it good. Even though she is pretty young she was already successful in wrapping up big deals with candidates who are really poplar at the market. Most of the time the first contact happens on one of the big and well known career-platforms Xing or Linkedin. Those websites are used by candidates to connect with other people, represent themselves for potential future employees and look for opportunities to optimize their professional life. Recruiters, like Anna, can find potential new talents on those platforms and look for graduates who might fit into the company.

Tom is working in sales in a midsize company in Cologne. He is a success-driven and communicative personality who walks through life with open eyes and ears to never miss a chance for a good deal. He likes to meet new people and has a talent to sell almost everything.

Both business people are at the same event and use the same app to do their individual businesses: SUMMITSYNC.

The SummitSync app gives users opportunities to meet other business people at conferences or events who are interested in what ever: If you are a recruiter, you can find interested candidates and people who might be a match to your company. As a candidate you can find representatives of companies to tell you more about the opportunities for you in their firms. Sales people can find buyers for their products and customer can get a perfect overview about the different offers on the event or the fair.

It’s kind of a Business-Dating

How does the app work? After setting up a profile for which you can use your Linkedin profile and signing in for certain events or fairs, you will get suggestions of people who are attending the same events as you do and might be interesting for you. Then you simply have to swipe (right for “Yes, i want to connect”, left for “No, thanks, you are not interesting for my business matters”)and sync to identify valuable business connections. In the best case, when the other person swiped right as well, you can directly set up a time and place to meet up. This makes networking efficient, easy and fun for conferences. It’s kind of a business dating! Go, try it out!