Donating for Christmas - the meaningful Gift Idea



In the stressful time of Christmas turmoil, we often forget that the wishes of some people unfortunately stay unfulfilled. As Christmas is actually the feast of charity and reflection, we should use the opportunity to help others. Your lovelies will also be delighted at an adoption or a donation for Christmas. for sure. Everybody is happy about helping, after all. Therefore, we have listed a few organisations which are direly in need of your support:

The IHA consists of volunteers who give emergency aid to refugees. Together, they organise clothes, food and protection for refugees and thereby give them hope on a normal life again.

The Clean Clothes Campaign advocates for a fair payment of sewists in all countries. Furthermore, they demand an appropriate compensation in case of industrial accidents – unfortunately still a rarity in the fashion sector.

Via Unicef, you can donate relief supplies like for example winter clothes, blankets or food- and crisis packages to children in need. Also the SOS Kinderdorf  needs your help in order to create long-term perspectives for children and adolescents. Engelbaum fulfills Christmas wishes of defaulted children in Germany.

Via the BUND, you can bestow a piece of natural and environmental protection to your lovelies or support the combat against mass husbandry with a donation.

Those who share the vision of “a world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free”, can purchase a Christmas gift in the WCD online shop or even adopt a sea mammal.

The animal lovers among you can additionally support the Albert Schweitzer Foundation at its campaigns against mass husbandry and for a vegan lifestyle or buy a present at the WWF shop.

If you do not have enough money for a donation, Oxfam is always glad about donated items like discarded clothes, books or household goods which are in good order and condition. The avails benefit emergency reliefs and important projects against poverty. Or what about a stem cell donation for leukemia patients at DKMS instead?

There are incredibly many ways to do good and when could be a better time for it than at Christmas?