Digital Detox – simply switch off and unwind!



Do you suffer from FOMO – the fear of missing out? If your day starts with Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter & co, you mostly check your business emails even before breakfast and your best buddies are called smartphone and tablet, something really bad is happen to you. Most of us are always on the fast track and available for everybody – even after work. Missing a phone call or answering to an email on the next day seems to be a catastrophe for many of us. This form of digital omnipresence seems to be quite normal.  But there is no need to accept it as a never alterable fact – you can fight against it. The magic word is digital detox and if you try it you will be surprised by the positive effects that occur.

a tablet computer with the text digital detox written in its screen, placed in the sand of a beach
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What does digital detox mean?

Digital detox means refraining from all digital media, whether it is a cell phone, a tablet, a computer or the email account – and don’t forget all social media channels. You should not only restrain from the digital overload for several hours but for at least a whole week. And this is a hard undertake for nearly everybody.

What are the positive effects of digital detox?

Stress relief, higher level of energy and creativity and an improved ability to concentrate

Being available for colleagues, the boss and friends 24 hours a day causes stress that could harm your healthiness.  If you always feel under pressure and on the run there is no possibility to relax. The constant overload with digital media kills your creativity, your ability to concentrate and your level of energy – the only solution to escape this vicious circle and to recharge your batteries is to detox.

Life hacks for digital detox

1.    Let the business cell phone and notebook switched off before the business day starts and after work. It goes without saying that from time to time you may make exceptions but it is important that you care for a sound work-life-balance.

2.    Escape from the ordinary in everyday life and get away from it all. This little escape could be a walk in the forest, a ride with a bike, a glass of wine, a book. Try to dedicate a little more time to yourself each day – a time to relax and take a deep breath.

3.    Use holidays to really detox from digital media. When spending time on the beach or in the mountains switch off the business cellphone and notebook – or better leave it at home. Do not forget to inform your colleagues and your boss that you’re not available on leave. And don’t miss to finish your list of pending open tasks. Only when everything important has been done or when you know that a colleague will take care of it, you can clear your mind and detox.