Co-Working, Sabbatical, Home-Office-the new way of working



No fixed working hours? Unlimited days of holiday? Home-office?

– sounds at first like paradise for the employee and like a nightmare for the employer. But more and more companies are testing the “new” working models, like options for co-working around the world, extended parental leave, home-office possibilities or unlimited days of holiday. And a lot of them draw an absolutely positive conclusion: happy employees, who are allowed to organize their working hours by themselves and combine work and private interests perfectly, are more satisfied and motivated, more productive and less sick.

And how?

Trust. trust. trust. The american online film distributor Netflix for example tests this new way of working already for a couple of years now: as long as the employees can supply their required performance, nobody asks how many hours in whatever place the employee needed to be done. That’s why there are neither fixed working hours nor any kind of holiday regulation at Netflix. The concept is based on trust and transparency and encourages the employee to work self-determined. Chief executive Reed Hastings is convinced that more freedom leads to more sense of responsibility and more motivation. Not only in the US but also in the scandinavian regions companies are testing different flexible working models, for example the 6-hours-day or the so called sabbatical year, which is often used for long trips and self-discovery. The companies are expecting more effectiveness and more satisfied employees – without the everlasting danger of a Burn-Out.

But, but, but!

Of course the possibilities for flexible handling of working hours depend on the industry of the company and the general conditions of the employees position. Moreover the border between prrivate and working life are blurring more and more: if there are no fixed working hours, there are logically no fixed leisure hours. That’s why it’s absolutely important to talk with the employees about different options, to find the ideal solution for every single team member.

It’s important to be flexible!

We, Living Hotels are enthusiastic about the many options of flexible working models, because we are convinced as well: happy, satisfied employees have more intrinsic motivation and work more effective. And that’s why we take care about extraordinary concerns of our (long-term) guests and offer in our living rooms not only space for working but also for networking or cooking together. Because we want our guests to maintain the same flexibility away on travel and don’t lose their work-life-balance while living with us 🙂