Clothes make the Man



Nowadays we have an employment market where products, services and even staff members seem to have become replaceable. Hence, if you would like to stick in the memories of customers and business partners or want to bring your career to the next level, it is essential to leave a lasting impression. And how could this work easier as with your personal style of dress? As the old proverb states appropriately: “clothes make the man”.

Find out which clothing style suits you

As we all know, it is often the very first impression which is crucial in the end and it just originates in a superficial basis. For that reason, you should choose clothes which represent your brand and thereby attract the clients and business partners which fit to it. However, your clothes should not only convey the image that others should have of you. It is at least as important that they suit your personality. Hence, it is necessary to find the golden medium. Try to describe your character precisely in only three words and do not hesitate to consult onlookers, as public image and self image do not always comply with each other. Subsequently, you can think about which style of dress suits you personally as well as the aims in your job.

Reorganise your wardrobe

If you are standing in front of your overflowing wardrobe every morning again and never find anything to wear nonetheless, this does not necessarily mean that you have to replace your stock of clothes completely. Often, it is already helpful to reorganise your wardrobe. Divest yourself of rigorously of all pieces which do not fit and not suit you and which do not match the image that you would like to convey of yourself, at first. Thereby, only clothing will remain which you really can and also want to wear whereby you will save a lot of time. Aside from that, you can already combine different pieces which go well together in advance and thereby create complete and harmonious outfits. Say goodbye to the common order and do not store skirts, trousers, blouses, shirts and suits separated from each other as you will wear them together anyway. Also, take care of buying only clothes of high quality workmanship. Only in that way you will leave a professional impression and show that you place value on a high quality, also in your job.

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