Boybands Forever Tour


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The 90ies, era of gameboys, tamagotchis, Diddl pads and of course boybands, are currently experiencing a revival and are celebrated like never before! Monumental successes, immortal pop songs, broken hearts and strange outfits – the musical show “Boybands Forever” brings all that to the surface again what we secretly love so much. All of the Take That chicks, backstreet girls and NSYNC lovers can dig out their fan shirts in order to finally admit their passion frankly and to be 17 again for one unforgettable evening:

The Show

Boybands Forever” is the musical show which revives the incomparable feeling of the 90ies again and which takes you on a witty, entertaining and sentimental journey through time. The show is moderated by the comedians Ole Lehmann and Dittmar Bachmann who reveal the secret recipe of a successful boyband, present us the different types of band members and show us the criteria for the ultimate music video. However, the main act are the five handsome boys, of course, all of whom cannot only sing incredibly good but also move impressingly. Like in those days, you can prepare yourself for exceptional outfits and needless to say for bare skin at “Boybands Forever” – hence, hysterical squee is guaranteed. The story of the boyband is performed on stage with the aid of the most famous pop songs from the 90ies. Whether “I Want It That Way”, “Everybody” or “Bye, Bye, Bye” – singing and dancing along is obligatory at “Boybands Forever”! Two hours of perfect choreographies and great dance moves, of emotional singing, cool styles and a lot of fun and self-irony are waiting for you!

And the best thing about it: after the incredibly successful opening in Munich, the talented boys will continue touring until the 10th of March 2018 throughout Germany. So, pack your fan shirts and stuffed animals and become part of the boyband cult again. Whether in Berlin, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt or Nuremberg, the Living Hotels are represented in numerous cities and will not be far from the event for sure! We wish you a lot of fun on your time travel to the 90ies and are looking forward to welcoming all the professed boyband fans in our house!