Botanical Night 2015 in berlin


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The 7th Botanical Night 2015 in Berlin takes place on July 18th 2015 in the Botanical Garden in Berlin-Dahlem. If you need some distraction from the big city life but you do not want to miss out on entertainments in a green atmosphere, then you should definitely check out this event. Mythical creatures as well as artists make this night a special one. The highlight of the event are the fireworks in the Italian garden.

The 7th Botanical Night in Berlin

If you feel like joining an event of a different kind, you should definitely get your tickets for the 7th Botanical Night in Berlin, which is going to take place on July 18th 2015. Apart from the creatively decorated botanical garden, 150 performers are waiting for you with numerous musical and comical performances. From our point of view, this is the perfect way for our guests in our apartment hotel to gain some distraction from the big city life and experience an event of a very special kind.

The botanical garden in Berlin-Dahlem

The botanical garden in Berlin-Dahlem is one of the biggest and most important ones in the whole world. On an area of 43 hectare, the botanic garden is home to more than 22.000 different plant species. The location of the different plants makes the visitors go on a very special journey, as the different species are located according to their origin. During the botanical night 2015 the numerous path, which are 16km long in total, will be creatively decorated and the botanical garden is converted into an idyllic paradise.

Performances you should not miss

We highly recommend to join the show of the “Shri Blues Band” in the courtyard of the so-called “Mittelmeerhaus”. Next to classic blues compositions, this band also performs gypsy blues. “Lion Sphere” is performing in the “Überwinterungshaus”. They present creative mix of pop, funk and jazz, which they produce on their own. Whoever feels like listening to melancholic songs should join “acuerdo” in the “Samenhaus”. If you talk German and like the humor from Berlin, you should check out the comedic performance of “Berliner Zeitsprünge” in the “Baumschule”. Check out all the details on the schedule and the program on the official homepage of the botanic night.

Long-stay accomodations in Berlin

Our apartment hotels in Berlin offer very modern and comfortable serviced apartments for your long stay in Berlin or your short-term stay as a tourist. The Living Hotel Großer Kurfürst and the Living Hotel Königin Luise are located in the very city center of Berlin, right next to the museum island. The Living Hotel Königin Luise is located a little outside of town and is a great conference hotel in Berlin. From these apartment hotels in Berlin you can easily commute to the 7th Botanical Night in Berlin-Dahlem.

We hope that you’ll enjoy the 7th Botanic Night in Berlin!