Being Productive on a Journey


Business Trip

A long car ride or a flight of several hours actually would be the best opportunity to manage overdue things, but usually one lets the time laps away unused. Distractions, noise and rather inconvenient working conditions too often prevent you from doing something really useful. We will reveal how you can also be productive on a journey:

Do not choose your most challenging task if you are listening to the airport announcements with half an ear while waiting impatiently for boarding. Better try to settle easy work like for instance answering mails or looking up some information.

Planning is half the battle also with working from underway. There is scarcely something more annoying than being ready to dive into work only to notice that you do not have a WiFi connection then. Also remember to download important documents and to charge your notebook. With SeatGuru you can even check beforehand which seats in the plane have their own power connection.

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Even if it is difficult – you really must try to focus. Noises and other distractions often are only disturbing for the first five to ten minutes and then you will be able to concentrate on your work without problems. Earplugs and coffee are also recommendable.

If you have to drive by car, you could make deferred calls with the speaker phone, of course only if it allows you to still concentrate on the traffic. If it is not possible to work, it can be equally productive to learn something new. Download an interesting podcast or a radio play of a guide which seems useful to you, for example.

Living Hotels Blog Produktiv auf Gesch├Ąftsreise

Last but not least, it is important to know when you should stop. If you already had to depart in the early morning hours and have scarcely slept, you probably will not be in the best shape for working efficiently. So, do not feel bad about making a break if you do not make progress anymore.

Living Hotels Blog Produktiv auf Gesch├Ąftsreise

We hope that we could help you with our tips and wish you a productive journey!