Alternatives to the Train



Taking the train is good for the environment and fast. Nevertheless there are every now and again delaysstrikes and other kind of problems that force you to look for an alternative. Here you will find some alternative that will help to reach your destination also during a strike.


For short routes it can be advisable to take a taxi. On a strike some providers offer big discounts on taxi rides in order to win new customers. That can be worth doing it. Pay attention to discounts of taxi providers during strikes or delays.


The bus is also a very good and environmental friendly alternative to the train. The numbers of providers in Germany has grown drastically in the last few years and the prices have decreased correspondingly. Busses are starting many times a day at fixed hours. During strikes the number of busses driving is even higher. Sometimes you do not even pay more than 10 Euro in one direction.

Find a ride

The many find-a-ride communities in the Internet offer an incredible and reliable alternative. You choose a person you want to drive with or you can offer a seat in your car. The prices are low and thereby you can also get to know new people with whom you can talk during the ride. Let yourself inform about free seats in a ride e.g. via Twitter in order to act fast.

Car Sharing

Car sharing is also a good possibility to get from a to b. In the big cities you will find a lot of cars of DriveNow or Car2Go that you can rent for certain routes or on an hour basis. You only keep in mind that you have to pay also during parking. This is why you should inform about the prices and conditions of the certain provider in advance.