Acáo - the naturally refreshing energydrink



“What’s inside this drink is no crap. And crap is not inside this drink.” – with this motto the founders of the completely natural produced vegan energy-drink acáo are absolutely on the right way to succeed. And that’s why we want to have acáo as a standard drink in our Living Hotels.


The idea to create the founder’s personal smart drink was born between almost endlessly seeming learning phases in university, way too sweet energydrinks, litres of coffee and the unsuccessful search for an alternative “energy-booster”. What the 4 students from Wiesbaden critisized most about pre-existing energydrinks or coffee was: too much sugar, too sweet, not refreshing. The boys quickly realized that what we need is a smart refreshing drink which is giving energy and doesn’t taste as sweet as the rest – and voilá the concept of acáo was already born. The name acáo is phonetically inspired by the Macaw-parrot, one of the most intelligent birds at all – matching perfectly with the smart drink which convinces through lightness, freshness  and naturalness. The acáo-slogan – natural flies better – clinches the name-refer to the colorful, clever bird flying completely without artificial effort. The fact that this natural, refreshing drink is made without any flavor enhancer, preservatives or added sugar –  pure revitalization without any tricks – is highlighted through the 100% recyclable white can with the green parrot.


The base of acáo is made of natural bio-juices, which are sweetened with concentrated agave juice. The guarana-berry, also known as the natural caffeine, revitalizes the body long-term, works stimulating, improves the ability to concentrate and has a fruity-harsh aroma because of the combination of the remaining ingredients (quince,  sea buckthorn, citrus fruits, agave). With only 17kcal/100 ml acáo is refreshing AND healthy at once and you can enjoy it not only pure but also in a mix with different alcoholic drinks as a revitalizing afterwork-drink.


The smart energydrink acáo is already in two Living Hotels, in Nuremberg and Munich at the “Deutsche Museum”, in the minibar, as conference-drink and as well at the hotel bar. We already love this natural energybooster and hope to transform our guests into colorful brim-full of energy parrots with this drink 🙂

More information about the smart drink acáo, you can find here.