Abolition of Roaming Charges: really no hidden costs anymore?


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On the 15th of June, the roaming charges within the EU have been abolished and the cell phone providers are not allowed to charge expensive overseas fees anymore. “Roam like at home” is the new motto – you pay for phone calls, short messages and data traffic the same prices like you are used to from at home. Sounds great at first, but unfortunately, there are still traps for mobile phone users abroad. We will reveal what must be considered:

Caution in Switzerland!

What might sound obvious at first, can be forgotten easily: the omission of EU roaming charges does not apply to every country in Europe, but of course only to the member states of the European Union. Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein submitted themselves to the new regulation, but this is not the case with San Marino, Andorra, Monaco and Switzerland. There, it is up to the particular cell phone provider which charges they want to levy. Moreover, you should be attentive to the registered network of your smartphone, especially near the borders

Watch out, frequent surfers!

The new regulation for data roaming means that everyone can take his stipulated data volume abroad and use it there. Frequent surfers should be cautious nonetheless as the providers negotiated a special arrangement for them. If the monthly volume is exhausted, first of all, the speed gets decelerated. But this is not valid without limitation. From a certain complicatedly calculated amount of data, the cell phone providers are allowed to charge a roaming addition. Anyway, they have to inform the user if this amount is reached.

High costs on cruises

Another problem is that the enactment only applies to terrestrial networks. But if you are on a plane or a ship, even in EU waters, an expensive connection over satellite is established. Thereby, charges up to 12 Euros can emerge for a two minute phone call. Moreover, the operators are not even obliged to inform the consumers about accumulating costs. On your next transit with the ferry, or your holiday on a cruise liner, you should be very attentive to the network your cell phone registers in.