A day off in Dusseldorf


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Dusseldorf, the German metropole on the river Rhine, is a city where you can feel the rush of everyday work. However, Düsseldorf can also show its charme. Tourists in our apartment hotels in Dusseldorf as well as business travelers living in our apartment hotels in Düsseldorf want to soak up this charme. That is the reason why we want to present entertaining freetime activities in Dusseldorf.

Leisure activities in Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf is an economic metropole and thus many firms are headquartered in this city. That is the reason why many business travelers come to Dusseldorf. In order to gain a little distance from everyday work business travelers in our apartment hotels in Dusseldorf should look for entertaining freetime activities. We present some of them in this blog post.

Boat tour along the river Rhine including harbour tours

There is nothing better than joining a boat tour along the river Rhine on a sunny day. All tour operators have very modern boats and the tours offer a great view on the Rhine promenade and on the skyline of Dusseldorf. Furthermore, you should definitely check out the Harbour tour afterwards. Please find a selection of tour operators here.

One day in Cologne

If you want to leave Dusseldorf for a day, you should definitely check out Cologne and visit its sights. Cologne offers a lot of variation and great historic sights, such as the Cathedral of Cologne. You can reach Cologne easily by train. It will only take you 45 minutes to commute from Dusseldorf to Cologne.

Golf in Dusseldorf

Golf is a very popular sports discipline amongst our business travelers in our apartment hotels in Dusseldorf. Dusseldorf offers golf players numerous opportunities to play golf. There are numerous golf clubs in an outside the city. The most central golf clubs are the  Düsseldorfer Golf Club and the  Hösel Golf Club. The Elfrather Mühle Golf Club and Erftaue Golf Kurs are located a little outside town.

Your Apartment Hotel in Dusseldorf

Living Hotels operates two apartment hotels in Dusseldorf. The Living Hotel De Medici is located in the heart of the old town of Dusseldorf and is a luxurious apartment hotel, which unifies modernness and tradition. The Living Hotel Dusseldorf is also located very centrally and is very popular for tourists as well as business travelers.