5 Hacks that will make your next flight more enjoyable


Business Trip

As soon as the search for the right seat is completed, most of the travellers switch off their air vents in order to not catch a cold. However, researchers found out that diseases which get passed on via tiny droplets (like tuberculose, for instance) can endure in the air up to five hours. The cold airstream prevents the pathogens from getting too close to you and therefore rather protects you from infections, provided that you are dressed warm enough.

Furthermore, it cannot harm to make friends with the “gate agent”. This is the person who makes the gate announcements and scans your flight ticket. A few friendly words or nice questions can help provide you a better seat and, in cases of doubt, make a compensatory flight available.

Living Hotels Blog 5 Hacks, fürs Fliegen

Moreover, it is recommended to stick to one and the same airline. Comparing websites on the internet tempt us to book the cheapest flights with always different carriers, but this in fact brings us less advantages on the long run. If you book your flights at the same airline, you will eventually attain a certain status which will provide you with upgrades, a better service and less baggage costs.

Aside from that you should absolutely download the airline app. Then, you will be able to check in or change your flight conveniently with your smartphone and you will always have your boarding pass at hand. In addition to that, you should activate the notification service as this will supply you with air connection updates which are more up-to-date than the announcements at the airport. Should your flight once be cancelled, you will have more time to organise an alternative on the fly.

Living Hotels Blog 5 Hacks, fürs Fliegen

If it is possible, then try to travel only with hand luggage. Checked luggage only complicates necessary changes of the air link, often arrives late or even gets lost in the worst case. Especially for business travellers it can be crucial for the big deal to be adequately dressed in the important meeting.

Living Hotels Blog 5 Hacks, fürs Fliegen