MICHELIN 2016 - Award-Winning Cuisine in Germany


The new Micheline 2016 Guide will lead you through the best and most rewarding award-winning restaurants in Germany. Which new and interesting award-winning restaurants have set their goal to spoil your palate? Based on the Michelin Guide 2016 we have put a list together with the most rewarding award-winning restaurants in Germany.

1-2 Star Restaurants

There are many 1-star restaurants in Germany. 241 restaurants have been awarded for their cuisine with one Michelin star. Three of the newcomers in Berlin are the restaurants „Richard“, „Markus Semmler“ and „Nobelhart & Schmutzig“. Berlin has now twenty star awarded restaurants and so proves once more its quality and diversity the city has to offer. In Frankfurt am Main the „Gustav“ and „Seven Swans“ serve exquisite star awarding cuisine in an exclusive ambience. The city molts into the most culinary interesting city of Germany. In Cologne the „Ox & Klee“ serves its guests extraordinary delicacies. 39 restaurants in Germany have been awarded with two stars. For our guests the most interesting ones are the „Horváth“ in Berlin, „Atelier“ at Bayerischer Hof in Munich and „Lafleur“ in Frankfurt am Main.

Excellent 3 Star Cuisine in Hamburg

In Hamburg one of the few 3-star restaurants in the world are waiting for you to be its guests. „The Table – Kevin Fehling“ has managed to be awarded with three Michelin stars and is therefor one of the best restaurants in the world. The 38 year old star chef is having a lot of creativity and fresh wind. If you are planning to visit Hamburg, you should definitely consider dining at „The Table – Kevin Fehling„.